One should always learn to drive before buying a car. Keeping a driver to drive your car is expensive and you will never get the thrill of owning a car unless you drive it yourself. If you learn driving, you can take your own car to anywhere not only for a family trip but also during an emergency. It is also important to choose a reputed driving school to enroll in a driving course. One of such reputed school is Andy1stdriving school in Birmingham and if you leave around Birmingham, you should not miss the opportunity to learn for the best. Here is what you can get from it.

Different Driving Courses

If you are a working professional and you are free only on the weekends, you can enroll in the weekly classes. It will take a few months to master driving and the learning will be slow and steady. It takes nearly 50 hours of learning to pass the test. This is one of most opted courses as the cost of the course is spread over the duration and every learner has enough time to practice and iron out the issues. You can choose to learn at your own pace and extend the course duration.

Andy1stdriving school

If you are the one who has taken a few days of break from the work to learn driving, you can opt for the intensive regular driving course at Andy1st Driving School. The course is completed in 7-10 days and you can buy a car to drive in 2 weeks. You have to dedicate quite a few hours regularly not just to learn but also practice.


Andy1st Driving School in Birmingham is not just popular for its flexible courses but also due to the detailing of the courses. There is always a proper syllabus, plan, and techniques to make every student not just learn but master driving lesson. They have the modern devices and equipment items to measure the performance and handle unforeseen scenarios. The instructors are highly knowledgeable, experienced and user-friendly. They will point out the weakness and state the ways to improve instantly.

Beyond necessary things, you need to go along with the right driving class sites to know more. on behalf of the best ones, there are amazing sites that help you to come back with the elegant information. To know more, visit the site.

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