The UK driving theory test has two parts and you have to pass both of them. You have to answer fifty questions for the multiple-choice test. The hazard-perception test has fourteen clips for completion. You need to pass the two parts of book-theory-test-online to get a passing certificate.

Multiple-choice test

This part of the driving theory test involves fifty questions with several options. These include alertness, attitude, safety, and road signs. You have fifty-seven minutes to finish the first part of the test. The instructor will give you instructions on the best way to complete the test and how things work. Listen well before you start the test. You can also choose to have a practice session for you to get used to the layout of the test. The real test will start at the end of the practice session.

Read all the questions well because some will need more than one answer. You can navigate between questions to make things easier. It is best to leave items you find challenging and return to them later. It would also be ideal to review and change your answers at any point. There is a link between five of the last questions and the Theory Test case study.


Hazard-perception test

After passing the multiple-choice test, you can take a three-minute break. The hazard-perception test takes twenty minutes to complete. There are fourteen hazard perception clips with two hazards in each of them. You have to spot them to pass the test. The aim of the test is to gauge your ability to recognize and respond to developing hazards in the road. It is crucial to click or touch the screen as soon as you spot the hazard.

The test will have a driver’s point-of-view. There will be at least one hazard in every clip. Spotting the hazard at the earliest moment will give you the highest score. The position where you click does not matter at all. What matters is the timing of your click. You need to gain forty-four points out of seventy-five to pass the test. Each hazard can let you gain at most five points. The point reduces as the hazard develops. The score will become zero if the hazard fully-developed before you click. There is no way to review or skip the clips so you have to answer them at once. There is no point deduction if you click even when there is no hazard. But, the test will recognize if you keep on clicking to try and gain points. You will get a zero in this case.

There are many who are wondering, “Where can I book my theory test?” Booking for the theory test is available online and through the phone.

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