interstate car transport

Interstate car transportation service is a process of moving vehicles from one state to another; transporting cars long distances without driving them. Instead, the vehicles are the passengers/loads this time, carefully and safely moved from one state to the other. Driving is the obvious choice. But, it is time-consuming and adds unnecessary mileage to the vehicle. Opting for reliable interstate car transport services delivers a safer and more convenient alternative.

Why choose interstate car transport?

There are various reasons why you choose this type of car transport service, such as:

  • Time saving and convenience. Interstate car transportation saves time and effort as you can avoid long drives.
  • Expertise and safety. Car transport companies have experienced drivers, well-trained to handle vehicle transportation. These companies know how to load, transport, and secure vehicles safely, which gives you peace of mind for the entire transport journey.
  • Reduced wear and tear. Driving long distances causes extra wear and tear on the vehicle. 

How does the car transport service work?

Interstate car transportation service applies various steps to provide an efficient and safe transportation process. Here are the steps for getting their car transport service:

  • Booking and scheduling. Contact the reliable car transport company and provide details, such as:
    • Pickup
    • Delivery locations
    • Vehicle type
    • Preferred time frame

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They offer a quote and schedule the transport according to your requirements.

  • Vehicle inspection. Before the transport starts, a thorough inspection of the vehicle is conducted. It includes:
    • Documenting its condition
    • Noting any existing damage
    • Taking photos

The inspection report serves as a reference, in case of disputes later on.

  • Vehicle preparation. Prepare the vehicle for transport through the following:
    • removing any personal belongings
    • cleaning both the interior and exterior
    • ensuring it’s in good working condition

The preparation helps guarantee the safety of the vehicle during shipping.

  • Picking up and loading. On the scheduled pickup day, the carrier arrives at the agreed time and location to load the vehicle onto the transport trailer. It secures the car using proper tie-downs and precautions to keep it from possible damage while in transit.
  • Transit and tracking. During the journey, a car transport company provides tracking services, allowing you to stay informed about the vehicle’s location and estimated arrival time.
  • Delivery and unloading. When the vehicle reaches the destination, the carrier unloads it from the transport trailer. You or the designated representative inspect the vehicles to ensure it is in the same condition when loaded.
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