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When you are looking for used cars in chandler, there are many things that you can check to see whether it is in good health. When a vehicle can look clean and tidy on the outside, under the hood can hide something that can lead to problems, and repairing can be expensive. Some issues are challenging to spot during a test drive, but when you know what signs to check, you can save yourself with expenses. These are the things that help you check the engine health you need when looking for your next used car.

Check the service history.

When the car’s logbook is incomplete or missing, you must ask why. It can be the current owner’s carelessness in keeping a record of the car’s maintenance schedule or a sign that they are hiding the car’s history. When you are happy that the service history is complete, check it and compare the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.

Cold start the car

One of the easiest ways to catch engine faults is to do a cold start. It will show any underlying problems, and it can tell you about the general health of the engine. When the car is not starting, there is a problem with the battery or the motor. When there is a strange noise, or it sounds like struggling, it can mean a problem with the drivetrain or timing belt. You must check the exhaust to see how smoky the fumes are in the car. When you like to try the cold start, you must talk to the dealer or seller when you check the vehicle to ensure they don’t want to warm things before you arrive.

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Check the color of the fumes.

You can tell more about the engine’s condition by the color and smell of the exhaust fumes from the tailpipe. Before you set on to test drive, try to switch on the ignition and check on the back of the car. The smoke should be grey or white, giving off a typical diesel or petrol smell. When it is black, blue, or has a strong smell, it will show the engine is burning oil, and it is a poor bill of health. You must avoid any used car producing dark grey, blue, or black exhaust smoke, which means an underlying problem can result in an expensive bill.

Get an expert

Buying from Cars for sale in Chandler will give you options, and it is essential to get it right. When you are confident to check beneath the car, you can get an expert or relatives that know the other way around the engine. It will give you peace of mind that you are not buying junk that will cause nothing but a problem. When you have someone to check on the car, it will save you hundreds.

These are the tips that will prove you to help you to look for your next used car. When you find a good engine, it helps to improve performance and get a good drive with a different range of products.

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