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Tyre punctures aren’t just an inconvenience for truck fleets, they are a major disruption to getting important work done. They demand immediate attention and the convenient support of mobile truck tyre servicing, regardless of where you are and what you had otherwise planned. The nature of the repair work needed depends on the size of your tyre and the location of the puncture. We’ll also quickly work away at assessing the extent of damage and try to locate the cause of the fault. Punctures that are located in the tyre tread are relatively straightforward and often the most common. Fleet Tyres QLD will happily undertake the repair with our expert mobile response team.

What a mobile truck tyre repair consists of?

There are two typical situations when it comes to truck tyre repair jobs, and they require specific actions to remedy the issue. We’ll list them below:

1.    Punctures or damage in the tyre tread

In this situation, as briefly explained above, the mobile tyre repairman will repair the puncture hole

2.    Puncture or damage in the shoulder or sidewall

In some cases, the best way to deal with this issue is to replace the tyre entirely. Manufacturers of popular truck tyre brands will also advise the same.

What is the repair procedure?

There are several steps in the Fleet Tyres QLD procedure for mobile tyre repairs and each one ensures the integrity of the repair. Our multi-step approach is also essential to retain the tyre’s original speed and load rating. After many years of doing what we do for local fleet tyre management needs, we’ll share the process below:

1.    Tyre removal and inspection

We’ll start by removing the tyre from the wheel with high-powered hydraulic equipment. This allows us the ability to fully inspect it, inside and out. This is the most important part of the entire repair process because punctures may look straightforward on the outside but the object that penetrated it may have caused more extensive internal damage.

2.    Plug and patch the puncture (if applicable)

After assessing the extent of damage, we’ll then make a suggestion for repairing the puncture and the options can vary. The aim is to ultimately carry out the plug and patch method on the puncture in the best way for your specific tyre type. This is to ensure that the entire path taken by the puncturing object is fully and completely filled. Your truck will need this to continue its journey safely. Plugging is essentially filling the puncture path from inside to outside. Patching happens on the inside after the tyre’s inner liner is treated correctly. Patching and subsequent coating ensure that your tyre is still able to retain air inside it.

3.    Refitting, inflation, and balancing

We’ll then refit the tyre to the wheel, inflate, balance and fit the vehicle. It’s important to balance the tyre after critical repairs because repair work can affect the balance, and ultimately, future wear and tear.

4.    Conduct a final inspection

This stage is equally important as the initial inspection, as we have to make sure that your tyre is in satisfactory condition for you to continue the drive safely. The final inspection will check to see if we’ve rooted out all causes of damage and then assess the repair. What does the repair look like? Are there signs of under-cure, bubbles, or separation? For aesthetic value, we’ll also ensure that the crown profile is faithful to the original tread design. After checking these and many other things, we’ll record and report everything for your reference and our own books.

a mobile truck tyre repair man do

How to achieve the best truck tyre repairs?

Fleet Tyres QLD is Brisbane’s best truck tyre repair team and we know what it takes to achieve the best results.  Over the many years we’ve been in the tyre repair industry we have seen it all and this experience goes a long way towards establishing what works best for our clients and partners. Following best practices is hugely important so that you can ensure every repaired Fleet Tyres QLD tyre is safe and continues providing maximum value. Truck tyre repairs that are better than the rest depend on a couple of factors, and we’ll break them down below:

·         Team training is everything

We always ensure that all of our technicians are adequately trained and experienced in all aspects of the tyre itself as well as the repair process. This includes things like tyre viability and the nature of different types. They should also be proficient in correct tool and equipment use

·         Industry-wide safety procedures

When it comes to truck tyre repairs, there must be strict adherence to safe working procedures and risk minimization techniques. This is critically important when you consider the weight, size, and load capacity that fleet truck tyres have.

·         Customer service quality

This is one of the most disregarded aspects of this business, but we strongly believe in its value. Emergency truck tyre repairs still deserve cleanliness, friendliness, and careful consideration.

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