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All of your thoughts, emotions, decision-making abilities, and fears are housed in your skull. You, your being, your personality, lie beneath the mass of hair, flesh, and bone. That’s why, anytime you go on a motorcycle, you should wear a helmet that fits snugly around your head. Everyone, who jumps on a two-wheeled vehicle, should wear a helmet. We have split down the different helmet styles below to give you a better idea of what you are looking at while surfing online. Check out with Carbon fiber helmet as well.

Full Face Full-face helmets, as the name implies, cover your full face and head. These helmets are made to be pulled over your head and completely envelop it past your chin. Because they provide the most coverage, these are the safest varieties of motorcycle helmets.

A full-face helmet has an actuating shield that allows you to look outward and around you, but it has a smaller opening than a dual-sport helmet. Also, you must know a dust from the road may also cause some accident in a short span of time. The helmet also protects from dust faaling in face or eye as well as it protects our head when we fall.

Carbon fiber helmet

Full-face helmets frequently contain several vents and extractors to decrease heat build-up, and the shields can be removed and swapped out for cleaning, replaced for damage, or replaced for a tinted version. They are available in a variety of materials and paint schemes.


A modular helmet is a full-face helmet with an actuating front faceplate, which allows the piece of the helmet from the chin guard to just above the shield to flip up. This allows the rider to converse with other riders more easily, increases airflow while stopped at a red signal or in traffic, and makes it easier to put on and take off.

These helmets have the same safety characteristics as full-face and dual-sport helmets, but they are more versatile for day-to-day operations. Modular helmets are ideal for hot areas, where a full-face helmet can become overheated after a short ride.

They can be heavier since the mechanism for the helmet’s faceplate adds weight to the helmet, causing neck, shoulder, and back strain. They are available in a variety of materials and paint schemes. You can also look for Carbon fiber helmet. Finally, it is up you to choose the helmet and its design that suits your bike and bike colour.

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