This desire explains the tendency that has spread in recent years, thanks also to some televisions how, to customize your car, sometimes revolutionizing not only its appearance, intervening on the bodywork, on the interiors and on the plate, but also on the internal components. , from the engine to the fuel system. Hence the fashion of customized cars , whose history, well narrated on the website , has its roots in the first hot rods and handcrafted modified prototypes, and is today a business in all respects, to which they are dedicated, with dedication and creativity, not only professionals in the sector but also amateurs bespoke cars for sale singapore.

Until a few years ago, if you wanted to modify your car , in order to personalize it and add or remove elements to make it better match your taste and your concept of car, it was common practice to turn to professionals, i.e. mechanics, carpenters and upholsterers who were able to interpret the wishes of their customers and translate it into a new car model, starting from another. Today, for those who want to customize their car , there is a simple shortcut, because the major manufacturers offer tailor -made equipment lines.and additional options, among which the future buyer can choose before completing the purchase, to receive at home a car that fully meets all his wishes. Virtually a single piece rather than a series model.

To have all this, the only thing you need to do is be willing to spend a lot and have clear ideas about your tastes and desires, relying on the experience of real professionals in the sector, designers and 4-wheel stylists , who will know recommend the available and most popular solutions.

The proposals of the manufacturers

This is one of the reasons why at the shows and fairs of the sector, you can find cars equipped in the strangest and most original way possible: from the cars that inside them host real lounges , to those generating hot spots and equipped of ipads or built-in keyboards, the proposal of the Bentley and Rolls-Royce brands is designed for those who want to travel in luxury and always stay connected. Even the Mercedes Benz bride class and technology, providing the devotees of the four wheels of the cars equipped with a cabin equipped with two 12.3-inch display, to control all driving performance and safety, and a customizable climate control system with the most pleasant fragrance for the driver. Even BMW , which began to follow this path already in the 90s , creating customized cars tailored for members of royal families, today offers two customization departments to satisfy the tastes of its customers in all respects: BMW Individual Collection and BMW Individual Manufaktur.

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