The freight industry is often marred by complications and complexities, from organizational and management problems, to communication barriers, therefore sometimes getting a bad name in the industry.

Even though at one point in time the freight industry had a bit of a bad rep, there has been immense growth once the market realised the potential that this industry and business has, as most transport systems use fleets of trucks and heavier vehicles for their means of transport.

Trucks and the freight industry have played a huge part in the development of India and the reason behind the growth of other sectors and industries. It has become so, that the freight industry is many times known as the backbone of all other industries.

Population of truck in India is currently growing at a rate of 15 percent per annum, taking the current total number to over 2,000 trucks per million population.

In saying all of this, the freight industry has had its own developments over the years. And one of the major changes has been the introduction of fleet management solutions. These solutions refer to management methods used by many companies to monitor their vehicles, their statuses, fuel efficiency and more to cut costs in the company.


Fleet Management software is the backbone of these fleet management solutions. These software have been developed with keeping tracking and safeguarding of vehicles in mind by top-notch developers.

Here are a few reasons why Fleet Management is so important to the freight industry:

A better outlook on operations of your fleet: The main use of Fleet Management solutions is to give you the exact location of your vehicle. And this proves to be a life saver at many difficult situations. It’s a risk to not know the location of your vehicle and it’s status, and GPS fleet tracking helps in minimising that risk so that you get to know the accurate location of your vehicle at all times! This not only gives you a better outlook, it could also help you understand the operations of your fleet in a much better way.

Data about drivers’ behaviour: Trustworthy employees are hard to come by. And GPS Fleet tracking systems ensure and help you to find and filter your employees on the basis of their behaviour when on duty. Rash driving and over speeding are instantly alerted to the owner, so proper training may be given to drivers.

Increases sustainability:  Fleet management solutions reduce costs by curbing fuel wastage and preventing its theft. Not only that, they help you replace your vehicles in time so as to not increase the carbon footprint and make your company a bit eco-friendly in nature at the same time. They also track the efficiency of the vehicle to give you an accurate replacement period, so you don’t lose money in terms of extensive repairs and fuel wastage.

All these features aside, fleet management systems better the safety measures for your fleet, and that is not something you can put a price on. We assure you, if you want to safeguard your fleet, fleet management is the way to go!

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