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What is the Price of Oil Change at Walmart

All those who want to have every service included with the basic service too it is best to go for package deals, it already has the basic service in it. What is the Price of Oil Change at Walmart? The prices of oil change with Walmart are pretty less and with the help of packages they are even cheaper.

Different services and package:

  • 5 quarts of oil change: The package under the name Pit crew has 5 quarts of new oil and new filters and with this oil change includes other services like lubrication, checking of tire pressure, checking of battery and fillings with just lowering $19.99 from your pocket.
  • Full oil change: The package comes in another way which allows the customer to make a complete change of vehicle oil. The price of full oil change is very less being $29.99 only. The package pit crew and lube service both provide the service.

How are Packages different from each other?

Pit crew, which is the basic package includes:

  • The oil change is done with conventional motor oil up to 5 quarts, lubrication if the vehicle requires it, new filter
  • Battery performance check
  • Tire pressure is checked and filling service is provided along.

Lube service, it has everything included what pit crew package provides besides that there are many more:

  • You can select 5 quarts of oil for the change
  • You are provided with new oil filter
  • Lubricate chassis where ever it is applicable
  • Windshield wash interior
  • Vacuum interior
  • Battery performance is checked, air filter, signals, brake, tail lights, wiper blades is checked under the lube service.
  • About the fluids also the transmission, washer fluid, power steering fluid, differential fluid and tire pressure are checked

What is the Price of Oil Change at Walmart

The prices of services are cheap:

Pit Crew which can be bought with $19.88 only

Standard oil change charges you $29.88 only

High mileage oil change takes $35.88 only

Power and performance takes $49.88 only

If you want fuel system service takes, you will have to pay $20 and with a standard oil change take $40. If the high mileage is required the change takes $45.

For the feature wiper blade and installation which must be purchased from the Walmart store it costs $6 only

Battery no corrosion service is also available with $3.50,

Battery terminal end replacement which doesn’t include parts is $5

Headlight restoration takes $29 with the highlight installation without the parts being included take $7.50

Miniature bulb installation parts not included also, takes $5 only

Walmart gives you an option for not just friendly budget saving service. The service is quick, reliable as the brand says itself and appreciable.

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