Are you in a tight budget for doing business using trucks?

Businesses involving dump trucks should always get the right truck for operations to run smoothly. Thus, taking the time to select the right truck is essential.  After you have selected the truck the next step is to look for the financing company that can be of aid to your financial needs.

Financing can ease up your worries while you start to expand your business. Dump truck financing helps businesses start operations immediately without worrying about insufficient funds.

The first step to achieving successful operations is thinking about what your nature of the business is, and how your equipment will determine your financial stability. However, it does not mean that if you just loan a truck then you’re financially unstable, it just meant that you are financial practical.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of dump trucks you can lease or loan in a lease return trucks company. Knowing what type of dump truck and how you will use this truck will help you craft an effective plan to repay your loan.

Types of Dump Trucks

There are a lot of dump truck variations out in the market.  Each truck is built and designed to serve a different purpose. Trucks differ in size, load limit, and mobility. Knowing which one is appropriate for your business is the first step to bringing efficiency to your operations.

The following are the more common types of dump trucks. Choose one as you acquire for a lease return trucks:

1 Standard Dump Trucks
Standard dump trucks are those with the back carriage mounted into its chassis. A hydraulic ram moves the back carriage, and its tailgate is configured to swing up using top hinges.

In the United States, the typical standard dump trucks have only one steering axle, whereas in Europe these usually have two steering axles.

2 Off-road Dump Trucks
Off-road dump trucks, sometimes called articulated trucks, are often used in mining operations. It is designed for hauling materials to off-road locations.

As its main purpose is to carry and transfer heavy load, trucks of this type usually will have a load limit of 40 to 60 tons.

3 Transfer Dump Trucks
Transfer dump trucks are those whose design maximizes the load capacity without compromising its maneuverability.

These are the common dump trucks seen in the western part of United States, as they can be configured to meet the weight restrictions in that area.

4 Side Dump Trucks
The design of side dump trucks makes unloading faster, dropping the load sideways instead of vertically lifting the cage. This minimizes the instances of tripping over and other accidents that may occur.

However, its load capacity tends to be smaller than standard dump trucks.

Despite being able to decrease operational risks, its characteristics made it one of the least favored options by many contractors.

This dump truck is only used if the construction site has plenty of space and room.

Other Dump Truck Configurations
There are still many other truck types that are rarely used due to their configurations. The best examples are:

  • Super dump truck, and
  • Semi-trailer end dump truck.

Even if these trucks differ in size, load capacity, and maneuverability, price ranges are still relatively close to each other. Trucks are expensive and using your capital to acquire can result in instability with your budget.

To avoid the risk of putting the future of your operations in jeopardy, you need to consider using dump truck financing in a company that offers lease return trucks.

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