Buying used car is the trending action in these days. When you are planning to buy used car, you should check out some essential features to make it wise decision. Essentially it is important to avoid getting into bad deal than making a smart buy. For that buying, here are the needed tips to consider:

Budget – Budget can be quoted based on the make and model you intend to buy. Also depending on the purpose you can choose those make and model. When you choose loser end model, it costs less than the prime and sedan. Likewise the cost of used car depends in the model you prefer along with the other factors.

Manufacturing year and kilometer used – Value of car is determined by the kilometers used since the date of purchase and the year of manufacturing. Like if the car year of manufacturing is so earlier, it will have fewer market prices. If the used car is less than five years, it will have better price than the 10 years old car. Also a car with higher kilometer will cost less than the cars with lesser usage. Even if the make is on same year, cost fot the used car usually depends on its kilometer usage. When the car is used for longer days without rest, it will have higher depreciation. Thus odometer of the car will show the kilometer logged for the car since the date of buying.

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Maintenance costs – Even though a used car is cheaper than new, running and maintenance cost of older car is higher than the new one. It is because of the usage rate. Thus older car consumes more fuel than the new one. Also the cost of maintenance and repair works is higher than a new car.

Car working condition – Whatever car you prefer to buy, you need to test drive before clicking to it. Even a new car can have trouble in its working. So test drive is essential for every car purchase. You have to make sure that the steer, brake, engine, accelerator, clutch, gears and many other parts are in good working condition.

Paper work – When you have an idea of proceeding to buy an used car, you need to make sure whether the car owner has all relating papers. Thus some of the important documents to be checked and verified are RC book, insurance policy, road tax, invoice, tex certificate, PUC, NOC if applicable and form 35. These are the documents to be checked before buying. After buying the car, you need to check on the documents Used cars in fresno.

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