5 Advanced Practices Airport Shuttles Utilize

Transportation has adopted a new and easier way to book and manage passengers. Airport shuttles are no exemptions. In fact, this sector is the first to advance their processes due to different types of passengers – local and foreign – to utilize the whole system in a scheduled manner.

Ontario airport shuttle is one of those that embraced new systems technology to organize and be more efficient for their passengers. To know more, here are some of the advance practices shuttles in the airport utilize:

  1. Self-Serving Booking System

A self-serving booking system is the post-modern and techie way to book rides on your preferred schedule. This way, there is minimal to zero human intervention in the process, and every information goes to the system through the help of a desktop or mobile application.

Systems in airports like Ontario airport shuttle sees the relevance of utilizing the said platform to minimize or duly prevent long lines. It is also more accessible and convenient for any passenger to use in the comfort of their sits and even while still in transit.

  1. Global Positioning System (GPS)

The Global Positioning System or GPS made it a lot easier for passengers to navigate and calculate their travel time. This way, there is no more fear on their end whether they know how to go to a specific place or not. GPS has helped many users to track their upcoming ride and see real-time road traffic.

  1. Automated Customer Service

Today, customer service is within reach. Whenever a passenger needs any assistance, there is no need to call or wait for queues for it to be addressed. There is already automated customer service available in the mobile application or inside the shuttle to assist – sometimes, even in different languages.

It results to:

  • Delighted passengers
  • Easily addressing issues
  • More careful drivers (due to easier evaluation)
  • Fewer travel issues
  • Comfortable passengers and drivers
  1. Surveillance Camera with Audio

Though surveillance Camera or CCTV is not new in the field, it has helped many passengers to get most of the service they are paying for. With this, the airport knows whether the driver or the passenger treat each other fairly. It is also useful to track lost things during transit without much of a hassle.

Cameras are essential because it records safety and acts as documentation whether an accident occurs. It also has been the requirement from the State or government to assure safety and security of every passenger – whether local or foreign.

  1. In-vehicle Assistance

Drivers need most of the assistance depending on how long they have been on the road. The in-vehicle capability can quickly point out whether a driver is having problems. This ability can make it easier for the ride to be more fulfilling than usual.

Airport shuttles are indeed advancing in the height of technology utilization. It is deemed very useful for its stakeholder to use effective systems to rely daily upon without compromising the quality of service they provide.

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