Best Cars to Buy Fewer than 5 Lakhs

Cars have always been so important for the people of India. Cars are not only used for traveling purpose in India but to put a good impression on other people. The type of a car owned by a person signifies the lifestyle of a person. Hence, this is human nature to put impression with the help of things. Cars cannot be afforded by everyone as some cars have the highest prices in their segments. The best types of cars are from the hatchback segment or the cars under 5 Lakhs. Let’s see the best cars under 5 lakhs people can buy in India.

Tata Nano

This car was launched by the Tata Company and it has been in the market from long ago. This is known to be one of the cheapest cars under 5 lakhs. The feature of this mini car makes everyone amazed. Thus, the car every year comes with some of the new modification which makes it one of the most favorite cars of the people. This car is referred to as one of the best small cars in India. The major purpose behind manufacturing this car was to replace the use of bikes and bring a car which can be afforded easily by everyone.

Alto 800

Maruti Suzuki has been one of the most leading car manufacturers of India. They are successfully providing one of the best-featured cars to the people of India. The best car of Maruti in the hatchback segment is known to be Alto 800. This is one of the most affordable cars that common people can buy for their small family and daily uses. The design and the features of the car make it more loved by the people as it comes with one of the most elegant designs.

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Datsun Redi Go

This car is launched by the Datsun after being on sale for almost more than 3 years. This car was launched under the category of hatchback cars. Thus, this car is known to be one of the best cars under 5 Lakhs a person can buy. The features of the car blowed-off the mind of its competitors as the Redi Go provides the bunch of best features to a person. Hence, a person can consider buying this car for their use.

Thus, these cars are known to be one of the best cars under 5 Lakhs. A person can choose to buy any car among them as they all are best in their own way.

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