Engineers of ZF SACHS Race Engineering have been clutch partners of technical racing in Formula One for many years. SACHS RCS System has its own expertise which is available to configure individually for all racing series. In this world, we have several successful brands of supercars who are ruling it. Here this company SACHS is letting us perform great in such vehicles with excellent RCS clutches.

Racing Clutches over Standard ones

The standard clutches are very limited instability factor for car racing. Nowadays, standard clutch kits are manufactured in a way so such that comfort can be the main factor. This makes the clutches very large in size and heavy as well.

  • The totally different requirement is there for competition clutches to set them as higher quality & better performing racing clutch.
  • Next, it comes to the reducing of the moment of inertia and weight to get the maximum engine utilization and acceleration. This is depending on the clutch diameter.
  • The principle of a clutch is this works due to the presence of friction, and that produces heat. The larger body of a clutch kit generally consumes the heat generated due to friction; in this case, smaller rings of clutches have a risk to be overheated. Sinter pad or carbon materials are introduced to reduce this problem as much as possible. These materials are basically temperature resistant and have some organic ingredients.

Sinter pads or sinters are more temperatures resistant than organic linings in the ordinary clutches. But in case of racing cars, we have to insert the carbon Racing Clutches as this is the most thermal resistant object available till date, you can follow the Formula One racing series, in this competition the usage of carbon insulators are very high.

Advantages: SACHS Racing Clutch

This is having a modular RCS system that’s the reason SACHS Race Engineering can give a high degree of differentiation for all the clutches of this category. For a specific vehicle or track, the system can provide individual solutions and it can be configured as required. For virtual applications, one can use this company’s clutches being blind-folded.

  • The very thin weight and MOI (moment of inertia) are surely conquering the company to be the best supplier in the field.
  • ZF SACHS Race Engineering provides well-guaranteed goods that can be unproblematic in exchanging of individual components.

A brief explanation of the different application of several types of clutches holds us together as motor-vehicle engineers in this segment. The performance of a racing engine doesn’t only depend on the smooth hydraulic functions; they surely need well-optimized light weighing clutches for good acceleration and smooth gear transmission.

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