As we already know that autumn is the best time for the thieves to steal cars during autumn, but there are also a lot of methods that will help you protect your car from being stolen. Some of the best ways are discussed below, you must go through it.


These methods include:locking all the doors and shutting all the windows when you leave, you must never leave your keys in the ignition,one must never leave a car running unattended, ensuring that the vehicles are fitted with car alarms, never leaving documents containing the registration details in the car ,this helps thieves sell the car. One must never ever leave any expensive tools in the car. Locking the steering wheel when you park the car, locking the tires, you must use a vehicle tracking system. These are some of the general things that one can do to protect their vehicles from being stolen. If one runs a sale forecast, one must always make sure that the gates are securely locked when you can also make use of CCTV cameras and security alarms. If one is a mobile valeter, you need to take some extra care to protect the vehicle when you are out for some work. One must never leave an engine running when it is not attended must never ever leave the tools and equipment in the unlocked car.


In the year 2012, the fact that the theft of electronic cars has significantly increased, especially the cars with a start button. This happened due to the new EU detective which has encouraged all the manufacturers to release some form of security information for the independent garages which make it more easy for the car thieves to steal a car. The part time motor trade insurance can be a great one too go with the motor trades. In order to have a good steering lock, you need to have at least an amount between £35 and £50, which is best suited for the long run. A thief who is an expert can easily break a steering wheel lock at a very low price, it is just a matter of minutes for them. Thus, one must always use the best and costliest things possible. A smart thief usually cuts the steering wheel in order to remove the car lock, thus it is very important to invest on the steering locks, it is most important to protect the car from being stolen.


In some cases, no matter how much you care for your vehicle, yet it gets stolen, which really feels disgusting. But, one must never lose hope, all they need to have a good motor trade insurance policy to protect your car, they may also help you recover a car with minimum damage.

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