When one would think about motorhomes, there are a lot of interesting facts about them. For starters, they actually have completely different laws when it comes to importing them into a country if they are a trailor home or an actual motor home. Dazmac International Logistics will help you with these importing issues if you ever have them, especially if you plan to import things into New Zealand.

Since when were they around?

Motorhomes, or also known as RVs were around since 1910 despite the fact that gas stations were not that easy to find, and the roads were really not the best. The idea behind it was something a lot of people were looking for, which is to travel anywhere, while having your home with you all the time.

Nothing seemed more tempting like avoiding random public places that were full of strange smells, that had unreasonable pricings, or other uncomfortable details you can think of. Of course, you could also stop whenever and wherever you want, there was no need to travel those extra kilometers for your stop.

The most expensive motorhome ever made

If you happen to see something that reminds you of a space rocket while you are driving on the road, don’t worry because it is not an alien invasion, but just someone passing by with their Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo Superior. This beast is made in Austria by a company who is dedicated to making these motorhomes, and the price of this amazing motorhome is three million dollars.

Once you step inside of this motorhome, you will feel like you are inside of a mansion. Starting from the furniture, you will notice that everything is as luxurious as it gets, and when it comes services you will find a bar, a wine cabinet, an ice maker, a large TV, and even a spa with a glazed rainfall shower, just what more could a motorhome owner ask for.

The incredible Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo Superior, such a sight to behold

The smallest motorhome

While there are definitely a lot of you who would like to own a Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo Superior model, there might be some of you who are looking for something that doesn’t exactly look and cost so glamorous. The Camper is the world’s smallest motorhome, and despite how small it is, it contains pretty much anyone needs to constantly be on the move while feeling at home.

This little guy comes with a bed, a table, a sink, and a cooking station. In case you would like to import one of these handy vehicles into Australia, then check out https://www.dazmac.com.au/cars-caravan-motorhomes-shipping-from-the-UK-to-Australia.html for more information.

The Camper surprisingly has everything a person could need

Motorhomes are very popular in the United States

It is not a surprise that the US is the county with most motorhomes since the US is the one that produces over 60% of them, however, it is interesting that one in ten citizens has one of their own motor homes. Overall, that is almost nine million people in a single country that own a motorhome.

Final Word

Motorhomes are extremely practical, and it is only a matter of time before the technology becomes so advanced that everyone will prefer to live in one of these vehicles instead of an actual house of apartment. Such choices do exist today, like the Marchi Mobile element Palazzo Superior, however, it might be a too expensive for some of us.

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